North Peace Performing Arts Festival

March 1st - 14th



North Peace Performing Arts Festival


Celebrating 27 years of beautiful music!

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More information about the upcoming 2020 Festival to come shortly.


2020 Dates March 1st – 14th

Thank you for

“Keeping the Music Playing and the Arts Alive”

Our Goal

To assist young performers in their pursuit of excellence.

Photo Gallery

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Our Philosophy

  The North Peace Performing Arts Festival Association is dedicated to providing an opportunity for all students to participate, perform and learn from one another. Students gain appreciation and knowledge from formal adjudications and receive encouragement to continue their studies.

For students with the incentive to progress to higher levels, the local festival is a step towards provincial and national competitions.

Awards & Donations

This festival is funded by entry fees, grants and donations from businesses and individuals like Craig Melin!

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The “Unsung Hero” Memorial Award will be presented to an extraordinary student who supports his/her attitude with selfless qualities – a student whose presence in Festival brings aid & support to others.

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